Virtual Tour of UWA


So, you need some help, eh?


Most of the images have hot-spots located on them that you can click on to take you to that particular place. You will see the cursor change shape when you are over one of these areas. Basic directions such as left, right, and turn around can be found on the images at the bottom corners and bottom in the middle where applicable.

Basic movement can also be made from the text commands under each image.

Certain other images may be found by getting the mouse to wander around the image until you 'discover' the area. These are the 'Easter Egg' images! Try looking out the odd window, for example.

Image Speed

This is probably the most important thing. There are hundreds of images here, each one about 15 kb in size (highly compressed JPEG). But remember, you should set your local browsers disk cache to be quite large to hold all these images, say, around 25 MB.

If you don't understand this, contact your system administrator or ISP and ask them! Point them to this page and get them to figure it out! They should have the savoir-faire to know what I am on about (ie: cache the images locally first so they load faster when required).

Extending the Tour

This tour contains several hundred images, and as you can see, only covers a small area of the Campus. I am planning on adding a few more images over time and expanding around the buildings that I commonly use (ie, the Maths dept, CS Dept, Arts Dept). All this will take time. If you like what I am doing, please send me some encouragement! If you think I am wasting my time, please tell me. If you think this is really good, then send money!.

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