The postal codes in Australia are four digits long. Western Australian post codes start with a 6, for example, the city centre is 6000, Fremantle is 6160.


Perth's area code is 08. In the surburban areas, phone numbers are now eight digits long . They are comprised of a nine, a three digit exchange number, and then four digits: 9242-2222 is a valid number in Osborne Park (Post Code: 6017).

To dial these numbers from overseas, the number required that you dial has the following format:


...where IDD is the number for International Direct Dial (0011 in Australia, but changes in each country), COUNTRY is the international country code as set by the World Telecomunications Authority, AREA is the area code (normally without the leading zero), and NUMBER is the local number.

Thus to phone the number in Osborne Park above, you would dial:

IDD 61 8 9242 2222

Note: the leading zero of the area code has been dropped.

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