Perth is located at 31° 57'S, 115° 52'E, about one third of the way "up" the west coast of Australia. It is several kilometers upstream of the Swan River, which opens at the port of Fremantle (about 10 kms by road from Perth), dubbed the "Gateway to Australia". The next closest "city" as defined by population is the costal town of Mandurah, about 100kms south (still in W.A.). The closest capital city is Adelaide, in South Australia.

Western Australia is the largest state in the country, with a total area of more than 2,525,000 sqkm, one-third of the total land area of Australia. It is four times larger than France, and more than five times larger than any other European country.

The state is divided into five regions: the Kimberley, at the top end, the North-West, which is on the North-West corner, the South-West, and the Interior. On the border of the Interior and the South-West is the Wheat-Belt. Only a small percent of W.A. is lived in, mainly along the coast, and more than 25% is desert. The major land use is farming of cattle and crops.

Perth's temperature varies between maximums of 48° and minimums of 20° during summer and 25° and 3° in winter. The rainfall is around 880mm a year, with the majority coming down in July.

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