Radio Free Terracon

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Radio Free Terracon is back for another ragin' year at Terracon 99. RFT is run by a group of die-hard nerds with too much technology/solder/spare parts, and is run so that everytone may participate. Join in on the fun!

Host your own show

Station Management (huh!) are organising a series of events to run on the station this year. Around these events is lots of free time to be filled in with your favourite music!

RFT's schedule is broken down into 1 hour time slots. Put your name down for one of these soon - but please don;t hog all the slots, an don't book consequtive slots. Bring your own audio - CDs, Tapes, LPs, MP3s...

You can present any type of show you like. Most people opt for straight music DJ type formats, but you can do comedy (if you are funny), or try your hand at current events, news, or sports (commentating the soccer games).

Label Your Gear

Remember, if you are bringing ANY equipment down, especially CDs, please label them with your name and phone number. RFT takes no responsability for stuff that it broken/nicked/damaged/whatever. You participate with your equipment at your own risk.

Management ideas

RFT Station Management suggestes the following items for 1999: