August 1995: Windows 95 was released by Microsoft Corp. One of the biggest software launches ever conducted. Yes, this Operating system was far more advanced than Windows 3.1. It was still broken and behind. MacOS was more advnaced, even if it was single threaded. Power Macs based on Motaroloa's PowerPC chip started shipping. I entered my second year at University (BCM).

I was elected as an Ordinary Committee Member of the UCC. During this year, the president was often absent as he worked nights at the Perth Observatory. Four of us ran the club: David Luyer, Sophie Divliaev, Nick Bannon and I. It was the best of times. We rocked the club room. Things happened. The UCC had direction and purpose. It was a friendly and cool place. Lots of Old Guard still worked at the University.

As far as my web development went, well, BACKGROUNDS had just happened. At the time they were great: people were developing tilable images that would float behind their text pages. Netscape grey was behind us. ;) Nowdays, background images are still with us, but they are used a bit more sensibly... hopefully.

The only thing I have surviving from this year was someting I wrote for my brother. Let me explain. He's a Formula 1 Racing enthusiust. He sits up to god-knows what time (around bed-time for a programmer) watching races live from around the globe. He had drawings of all the cars that were in the race that he had done in the "paintbrush" application. He had no use for them, so I made him a web page for them...

I did once have more stuff, but I must have fed it to rm.