2001: A Space Oddity

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do... 2001 was not like Arthur C Clark imagined. The International Space Station is coming together, but it isn't leaving orbit of this planet.

If there is one event that 2001 will be remembered for, it is the devestating images of two fully loaded passenger jets being hijacked and slammed into the two tall towers of the World Trace Centre, along with the two other flights into the Pentagon and into a field. International terrorism, and Islamic extremists came into clear focus as they started a campaign of terror. With thousands of CBD workers killed as the two 100+ story towers collapsed, fear struck the world immediately. This single, massive act of terrorism resulted in world-wide economic crisis; even car-insurance on the opposite side of the earth was increased due to the "September 11" attacks.

With so much hurt in the world, where will we find happiness?