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Parish Church
Saint Andrew, Ashingdon,

1016 Battle of Assandon fought on this spot
between Cnut the Dane and Edmund Ironside
on S. Luke's Day.

In this battle all the nobility of the 
English race was destroyed.
	(Anglo Saxon Chronicle)

1020. In this year went the King (Cnut) to 
Assingdon and Archbishop Wolstan and 
Thurkyl the Earl, and many Bishops 
and also Abbots and many Monks and
consecrated the Minster of Assingdon
	(Anglo Saxon Chronicle)

and caused to be built there a Minster
of stone and lime for the souls of the 
men who there were slain, and 
gave it to one of his Priests
whose name was 

(another M.S. of the 
Anglo Saxon Chronicle)