Just for reference, here is the receipt that we got from one trip to Waitrose. This is here just to compare prices between this one, and anyone else who has a shopping receipt (like my Mum in Australia).

Canada Place, Canada Square
Canary Wharf, London E14 5EW
Tel: 020 77190300
Tropic Smooth Orange Juice (2L)2.99
Heinze Spaghetti (400g)0.38
Heinze Baked Beans0.35
Sprite (2L)1.35
WR Kidney Beans Organic0.79
WR Kidney Beans Organic0.79
* BUY 2 SAVE 40 p *-0.40
BIO Organic Tomato Puree0.89
Pizza Topping Tomato / Herb0.95
Pizza Topping Tomato / Herb0.95
Paul Newman's Sauce Tom/PEPP1.49
Jordans Crunch Muslie Rasins/Almonds2.39
Italian Risotto Rice1.15
Italian Risotto Rice1.15
WR Basmati Rice3.49
WR Ultima Stain Remover1.69
WR Grated Mature Cheddar Cheese1.31
WR Casserole Vegtables (frozen)1.39
WR Garden Peans0.97
McCain Home Fries (frozen)1.37
WR Mixed Vegtables (frozen)0.99
Haagen-dazs Praline and Cream icecream3.49
Welsh Leg Steaks (4, small)6.03
WR Chicken Roast (cooked, cold)3.59
WR Penne Pasta0.45
WR Fresh Custard (500g)0.99
WR Fusilli Pasta0.34
Onions (brown, prepack, 4)0.79
Pinaple (prepack, pieces)0.99
Mango (prepack, pieces)1.79
WR Cashew Nuts1.22
Tomatoes J/Hawkins 0.960kg @ £3.99/kg3.83
Curly Lettuce (prepack)0.69
Grapes, Red Seedless 0.460 kg @ £3.49/kg1.61
Apples Granny Smith 0.460 kg @ £1.49/kg0.69
Bananas (Caribbean) bunch 0.885 kg @ £0.99/kg0.88
Lemon (1, lose)0.23
Organic Sweetcorn Prepackaged (2)1.99
Apples, Pink Lady 0.345 kg @ £2.79 / kg (2) 0.96
Bluebell Tissues1.39
Sch Chilli Con Carne powder0.77
Popz Microwave Popcorn1.29
Toblerone 4 pack1.15
Traditional Tcao Shells1.45
WR Delice Passionfruit and Honeycome slice0.69
Strawberries (Elsanta, 450g, Berkshire)1.89
Flute (French Stick, bread)0.69
WR Spagetti0.29
Dina Wht Khobez0.75
Dina Wht Khobez0.75
Tufty Organic Liquorice0.89
Nouvelle Quilted White Toilet paper3.69
Multivalue Offers have saved you £0.40
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