IMG2WEB is a small (free, GPL) perl script that publishes large JPEG images to the web by making scaled preview samples of all the images in a directory, placing the scaled images into an index web page, and linking these scaled previews to the full sized originals.

It is very configurable! Features include:

You can download IMG2WEB from this site for free.

Download img2web.tgz (12,316 bytes)

Man page

On-line manual page for IMG2WEB.


IMG2WEB started out as a small Perl script that spat out one very ordinary web page. This then required editing to bring it into the same style as the rest of my web site. Each image was linked by itself, making it look very basic and unatractive.

As my available time diminished I found I needed to be able to automate the entire process - hence a major rewrite of the code into a new product. IMG2WEB represents several new areas to which I have delved - web client programming being one of them.

June 1999
Changed licence to GPL. It's free. You take the source, you do what you want with it. Send your updates back to me, and I will try and include them into my version...


If you have suggestions or patches for IMG2WEB, please email them to me and I will try and incoroprate them, placing a new version on this server and updating the on-line upgrade checker.

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