Linux.Conf.Au 2003: Registration Code

Linux.Conf.Au is the Australian national Linux Conference, run by a regional Linux user group under the oversight of Linux Australia, the national Linux User Group Body.

In January 2003, I and 7 companions from PLUG ran Linux.Conf.Au in Perth, Western Australia at The University of Western Australia. We had been planning since January 2001, and I started writing our confernece registration managment software in February 2002, finally opening it for public registrations 16 weeks before the start of the conference on January 22nd.

This collection of documents is an overview of the implementation of this system. The code used is available under the GNU Public Licence (GPL), and can be freely used. If possible, please extend some attribution to both myself (James Bromberger), and Bernard Blackham (who fixed several of my bugs and made sure the CommSecure stuff worked).

Things I'd recommend: turn on Taint checking! I skipped it cause I was checking in my method calls for setting attributes on the objects, but it pays to be extra carefull.